In a time when graphic storytelling is on the decline, when animation is same old/same old, when superheroes aren’t so super anymore, when the mediums we created have been co-opted by foreign lands (and done better), when the great hope that once personified what comic books and animation could become is forgotten, we need to look beyond what has been done and what we are doing now.

We need to reshape the word and the line. We need to remember the story.

BLAM! Ventures has arrived to do just that. To push the boundaries of comic and animation to new heights, to flood your senses with possibility, to create stories and characters that will take hold of your soul and make you a part of their lives, forever leaving a mark upon you.

You can think of us as the gunslingers of a new age, wielding stylus and keyboard instead of a good pair of colts. We hold the classical ideals of the past; yet move forward toward the future. And yes, our guns are loaded — and we’re bringing them to bear.


BLAM! Ventures, LLC is a multimedia company specializing in the comic book/graphic novel industry and digital media. In addition to producing several creator owned projects, the company’s Lost Tribes imprint looks to revive many classic science fiction and fantasy movies and television shows of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with a fresh approach and a reverent hand, touching the audiences of today’s generation, while reacquainting previous fans with old friends.

BLAM! Ventures co-sponsored MEGACON 2005 and 2008 in Orlando, Florida

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